Horrid Henry – Favourite Things – Board Game

Stan: new Książka – bez śladów użytkowania, nie była wcześniej używana/czytana, w rzadkich przypadkach może posiadać bardzo minimalne zarysowania okładki - powstałe w wyniku przechowywania / magazynowania i transportu.

Gry / Puzzle / DVD – fabrycznie nowe w oryginalnym opakowaniu, bez jakichkolwiek śladów użytkowania. W rzadkich przypadkach mogą posiadać bardzo minimalne zarysowania widoczne na opakowaniu, powstałe w wyniku przechowywania / magazynowania i transportu
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Czas dostawy: 5 - 10 dni (zobacz warunki dostawy)

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Whether you have your very own Horrid Henry or Perfect Peter or know a fan of the best-selling Horrid Henry children’s books and animated TV series, the Horrid Henry board game will be a sure-fire winner when it comes to gifts. Great for scaring off school holiday boredom and beating rainy day blues, the Horrid Henry board game is designed for children aged four upwards.

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  • Producent: Paul Lamond
  • Rok wydania: 29 Sept 2014
  • NR ISBN: B00O179NYW


To win, players must help Henry find all of his favourite things and then race back to the beginning! To win hands down at the Horrid Henry game, players must be fast! If you land on a space with a skull and crossbone on it, that means you can search for one of ‘Henry’s favourite things’. If you collect a token with one of Henry’s favourite things on it, and you don’t already have it then you get to keep it. If you already have it, put it back face down not forgetting where it is so you don’t collect it next time! But it’s not just about favourite things – this is Horrid Henry after all. When players land on a ‘Stop and take a card’ space they must pick up a Horrid Henry card. Each card will feature a challenge, some of which are quite horrid so it’s up to the other players if you completed the challenge horridly enough. If everyone agrees it was horrid enough, play moves to the next player but if it wasn’t it’s time to say bye-bye to a token.

Box Contains

1 x Board
6 x Horrid Henry characters
4 x Stands
21 x Horrid cards
16 x Favourite things tokens
1 x Rules

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