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Stan: new Książka – bez śladów użytkowania, nie była wcześniej używana/czytana, w rzadkich przypadkach może posiadać bardzo minimalne zarysowania okładki - powstałe w wyniku przechowywania / magazynowania i transportu.

Gry / Puzzle / DVD – fabrycznie nowe w oryginalnym opakowaniu, bez jakichkolwiek śladów użytkowania. W rzadkich przypadkach mogą posiadać bardzo minimalne zarysowania widoczne na opakowaniu, powstałe w wyniku przechowywania / magazynowania i transportu
Czas dostawy: 5 - 10 dni (zobacz warunki dostawy)

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EDUCATIONAL AND FUN – My First Magnetic Calendar magnetic calendar kids allows children to practice the art of ORGANISATION and teaches LIFE SKILLS and ROUTINE – Jaques of London Magnetic Toys and Games can be used as LEARNING RESOURCES that are FUN and ENGAGING – Perfect magnetic board kids Preschool Learning Toys and Games to DEVELOP and LAUNCH your Kids Learning – Specialists in Toddler Toys Learning Activities as well as Learning Resources for 4 years olds and Learning Resources for 5 year olds – A perfect addition to HOME LEARNING

SIMPLE AND STRAIGHTFORWARD – My First Calendar childrens calendar by Jaques is designed for SIMPLICITY and EASE – This Calendar for Kids is easy to hang and display – It acts as a MAGNETIC NOTICE BOARD providing your children with reminders of ROUTINE and LIFE SKILLS – This allows EASY LEARNING Toys for 2 3 4 5 Year Olds boys and girls.

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ATTRACTIVE AND EYE CATCHING my first calendar magnetic – Our MAGNETIC CALENDAR is bright , colourful and attention grabbing – it has been designed specifically for LITTLE HANDS and to capture the imagination – Successful magnetic board kids LEARNING TOYS should ENGAGE and EXCITE – We are confident that our magnetic board kids Kids Learning Toys and Learning Games have this effect – Our Kids Calendar has been designed with over 220 Years Worth of Knowledge and Expertise. easy learning 3-5

PREMIUM QUALITY – learning toys for 3 year olds This Magnetic Childrens Calendar is STRONG and ROBUST – It is designed to survive TUMBLES and KNOCKS with STRONG MAGNETS securing it in place – it is designed for EASY CLEANING 3 year old learning activities

QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST – From our Family to Yours – Producers of Childrens montessori Toys and Games for Over 220 Years – Customer Satisfaction is at the very heart of our business – Grow and Learn with Jaques of London

SIZE – 39.4 x 30 x 1.2 cm

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