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  • HOURS OF FUN PLAY – The Wooden Educational Teaching Clock, includes a calendar with days dates and months of the year. It will give your children endless hours of fun and spark their imagination! The perfect preschool activities children crave!
  • EDUCATIONAL AND ENTERTAINING – The Learning clock for kids learning to tell time was specifically developed to provide an entertaining way to have endless fun while improving fine motor skills, teaching kids learn to tell time, stimulates reasoning and creativity, and provides fantastic continuous motion to give kids the kind of important special play that educates– while they have a blast!
  • DEVELOPS MOTOR SKILLS – Children development toys – The importance of helping children develop motor skills– especially in a world where so many toys fail the test of being “more than just fun” cannot be overstated. This kids learning clock by Woody Treasures is specifically designed to help your child develop while they play!
  • BUILT TO LAST – We like to say that our telling time teaching clock is “the opposite of junk”. Sturdy toys built well, built to last– out of the highest grade materials and suitable for both home and school use! Ideal for kindergarten learning games.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – Comes fully assembled, ready for play straight out of the box! What an amazing child Montessori toy clock. SAFE FOR CHILDREN
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Woody Treasures Children’s Interactive Wooden Calendar Making playtime educational for children in a fun way is our sole mission at Woody Treasures. Each of our wooden toys features a fun mini-game designed to expand your child’s creative awareness and enhance motor functions. Teaching is difficult and teaching children is even harder. But not here at Woody Treasures! So get your child ready for fun without the need for modern technology with our collection of engaging toys! Teach your children the days of the week, how to read time, seasons of the year, and more with our highly engaging Interactive Wooden Calendar! This square wooden board features several mini educational exercises designed to sharpen your little ones motor skills while improving their ability to creatively think. Your child will have fun figuring out how to read time, tell the days and months of the year, change in seasons, and guess the weather! All you need is 30-60 minutes a day with the Interactive Wooden Calendar and you’ll see how smart your child can really be with consistent playtime. Features a Made with non-toxic materials safe your child to play with a Multiple different exercises that teach your children numerous valuable lessons Teaches them the days of the month, months of the year, how to read time, guess the weather, and more a Great gift for a friend or loved one with little children Sharpen your little ones mind with our Children’s Interactive Wooden Calendar and order your’s today!

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