Wibbly Pig – Wibbly’s Winter Wonderland – DVD

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Say hello to Wibbly Pig. The irresistible character from award-winning author Mick Inkpen is brought to life in this warm and engaging animation series.

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  • Producent: 2entertain
  • Rok wydania: 18 Oct 2010
  • NR ISBN: B003ZYDR26


In Wibbly’s White World anything is possible. Join Wibbly Pig in these 10 great adventures:

1. Snowman – It is very cold outside and Wibbly Pig and his friends make a snow pig. The snow pig runs away and wants to play. But when it is time to go in, the snow pig will be lonely, so Wibbly and his playmates make him some snow pig friends.

2. Big Aunt Larlie – Over the years, Big Aunt Larlie has knitted Wibbly a whole array of fluffy baby suits, itchy jumpers, heavy sweaters and droopy cardigans. So now that Aunt Larlie is due to visit again Wibbly is dreading her gift – but when he opens the present, what will he find?

3. Grandpa Pig – Wibbly is waiting for Grandpa Pig to arrive but he’s late. Wibbly remembers some of the fun things they have done together, like playing football, flying his new toy plane and a sports day full of brand new games! When he does arrive, Grandpa Pig has got his foot bandaged… but he still manages to think of a new game!

4. Hats – It’s a very windy day and Wibbly is looking after his Grandpa’s favourite hat, but the wind has other ideas and blows the hat away. Before long Wibbly has found a hat – but is it his Grandpa’s hat? No! It’s a clown’s hat! We also find a policeman’s and a Princesses hat!

5. Airplane – When Wibbly meets a lost penguin he decides to help her get to the penguin party. He turns his car into an aeroplane, and as they fly south they meet other friends flying on their way. When they arrive there is a wonderful surprise waiting for them in the skies.

6. Puddle – Wibbly has a lot of fun playing in the puddles, splashing, jumping and running around them. That is until Big Pig splashes so hard the whole puddle disappears! Never mind – here comes the rain again! Have you ever wondered how many raindrops there are in one puddle?

7. Tent – Wibbly is playing under a blanket and turning it into a tent – the best form of portable home. But Pigley goes missing and the search takes us into the deep forest, the cold Antarctic and high into the mountains, where we are helped by a badger’s keen sense of smell, a skating penguin and a sharp-eyed eagle.

8. Sneezes -Wibbly’s friends are coming round for a game of hide-and-seek, but he can’t stop sneezing. He won’t be able to hide because he’ll give himself away! He tries lots of cures, but nothing works. Wibbly decides to be ‘it’, but then something strange happens. Everyone else gives themselves away – by sneezing.

9. Umbrella – It’s raining, but it’s all right because Wibbly has an umbrella. But when Scruffy Pig and Big Pig arrive they can only just squeeze together to keep dry – and then an elephant wants to join them too! It’s only when Tiny Pig arrives with his umbrella they work out how to keep dry!

10. Wibbly Can’t Sleep – Wibbly can’t sleep. It doesn’t matter if he turns this way or that way, he just can’t sleep! If only the bed wasn’t so lumpy. If only he could find Pigley… hang on… that lump looks Pigley-shaped! It is! It’s Pigley! Night night Wibbly!

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Language: English

Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.)

Number of discs: 1

Run Time: 100 minutes

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