Vegetable Glue

Susan Chandler / Elena Odriozola
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Shortlisted for The Coventry Inspiration Book Awards, `What’s the Story’ category, 2010 –The Coventry Inspiration Book Awards
“Witty and light-hearted paean to the power of healthy eating” –Booktrust
WINNER of the Coventry Inspiration Book Award, 2010 (‘What’s the Story’ category). –Coventry Inspiration Book Award
Nominated for Kate Greenaway Medal, 2004 –Kate Greenaway Medal

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  • Author: Susan Chandler / Elena Odriozola
  • Publishing house: Albury Books
  • Year of publication: 1 Mar 2014
  • Book binding: soft
  • Book interior: soft
  • Number of pages: 24
  • Book size: 22 x 0.2 x 22 cm
  • ISBN No.: 978-1909958920


When my right arm fell off, I knew what to do, I stuck it back on, With vegetable glue. If things start falling off your body, it’s time to reach for the Vegetable Glue!

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