The Dinky Donkey

Craig Smith / Katz Cowley
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The laugh-out-loud follow-up to the viral sensation THE WONKY DONKEY is finally here!

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  • Author: Craig Smith / Katz Cowley
  • Publishing house: Scholastic
  • Year of publication: 1 Nov 2019
  • Book binding: soft
  • Book interior: soft
  • Number of pages: 24
  • Book size: 24 x 25 x 0.3 cm
  • ISBN No.: 978-1407198514


The Wonky Donkey has a daughter in this hilarious picture book sequel to the runaway hit.Wonky Donkey had a child, it was a little girl. Hee Haw!Featuring playful verses by Craig Smith and charming illustrations by Katz Cowley, The Dinky Donkey follows the same formula that made its predecessor a worldwide hit. Readers will love the antics of this stinky punky plinky-plonky winky-tinky pinky funky blinky dinky donkey!The viral internet sensation of “The Scottish Granny” reading The Wonky Donkey story to her grandchild has been viewed over 3 million times, and the picture book, based on the popular song, has sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

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