PayPal is an easy and safe online payment system. As PayPal makes online shopping faster, more comfortable and safe for buyers, it has become the most popular solution of this kind in the world. With PayPal, you do not disclose your financial data and the choice of the payment method is yours! You can link your PayPal account with a bank account, credit or debit card and decide at the time of purchase, which form of payment fits you best.

Bank Transfer
In the huge choice of modern solutions, we do not forget the classic methods of payment. The customer has the option to make a traditional transfer via an electronic banking system or by performing it in person in the branch or at the post. This is an alternative to those customers who have the greatest confidence in traditional methods, allowing for personally supervising all details of the transaction. A regular transfer is a typical solution for atypical situations.
Payments by traditional transfer should be made to the following bank account:
87 1240 1255 1111 0010 8454 2213