Orchard Toys – World Map Puzzle and Poster

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Challenging 150-piece geography puzzle

Colourful map shows continents and countries

Discover local inhabitants and landmarks

Comes with giant poster

Suitable for ages 5-10

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  • Producent: Orchard Toys
  • Rok wydania: 3 Oct 2007
  • NR ISBN: B000WPD44W


Explore the countries and continents of the world and discover local inhabitants and landmarks with this giant 150-piece geography jigsaw puzzle. World Map depicts a colourful map of the world, colour coded to show the different continents. As well as learning about our world, children can also find out about the animals, features and landmarks they can see in different countries. Once the puzzle has been completed, there is plenty of opportunity to to discuss the completed picture. You can talk about places you may have been to on holiday, or animals that you have seen in zoos. You can compare the sizes of different countries, or talk about what the weather will be like in different parts of the world. The finished puzzle measures 88 x 61cm and contains 150 pieces, so is one of our more challenging puzzles. It also comes with a poster which shows not only the map as it appears on the finished puzzle, but with an additional keychart showing the icons that appear on the map. The poster measures 96cms x 68cms, perfect for a bedroom wall.

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