Orchard Toys – Loopy Llamas Game

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A fun colour and pattern recognition game

Race around the pool and collect the patterned rings

Fun and engaging gameplay that children will love

Suitable for age 4 years + and 2-4 players

Learning Made Fun

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  • Producent: Orchard Toys
  • Rok wydania: 20 Jan 2020
  • NR ISBN: B083X4P9XG


Have you ever been to a llama pool party?! You can now! Everything about this llama themed game is crazy, from the quirky llamas to the coloured patterns. Players take turns moving around the swimming pool playing board collecting one of each coloured ring to stack on their 3D llama. Then they race to be the first to get their llama to dive into the swimming pool! Children will be laughing until the llamas come home in this fun pattern and colour recognition game.

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