Orchard Toys – Dinosaur Discovery Puzzle

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A challenging 150 piece puzzle

Depicts a prehistoric dinosaur scene

Includes helpful key chart showing plants and creatures to look for in the picture

Suitable for ages 5-9

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  • Producent: Orchard Toys
  • Rok wydania: 1 Jan 2002


Take a trip back to the time of the dinosaurs with this intricate and challenging 150-piece jigsaw puzzle. Learn the names of these prehistoric creatures and plants using the helpful key chart in the border of the puzzle, then see how many of them you can spot in the completed dinosaur scene. Dinosaur Discovery shows plants, fish, insects and dinosaurs that lived on our planet millions of years ago; amazing creatures with strange, long names…although many children will be familiar with some of the more famous ones. The completed puzzle is great to encourage children to discuss the different types of dinosaurs and creatures they can see in the prehistoric scene. The detailed illustration and higher number of pieces make this puzzle particularly appealing for slightly older children. Dinosaur Discovery also makes the perfect present or gift for dinosaur loving children. Puzzle size 60.5 x 41cm.

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