My First Colours Let’s Learn Them All

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With colours to name, objects to count, plus fun-filled questions and activities, this first colours book is perfect for preschool learning. Read it together and help your toddler develop early speaking, listening, and observational skills as they learn to recognise and identify colours.

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  • Publishing house: DK
  • Year of publication: 1 Feb 2011
  • Book binding: hard
  • Book interior: hard
  • Number of pages: 28
  • Book size: 20.9 x 1.8 x 20.6 cm
  • ISBN No.: 978-1405370158


Chunky tactile tabs invite little hands to turn the page and improve dexterity, and there’s more hands-on learning throughout; your child will love pointing to and naming the different colours and objects on the bold, colour-themed pages featuring red, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, pink, black-and-white, gold, silver, and multi-coloured. Then when they have named all the colours, there are other activities to try with an “I-spy” colours, shapes, and patterns page. A great way to teach your child about colours, My First Colours: Let’s Name Them All will keep inquisitive toddlers interested and enthusiastic time and time again.

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