Marvin’s Magic Box Super Hero – Magic Tricks

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For a new generation of magic artists by Marvin’s Magic, the number 1 The World, when it comes to magic and wizardry

‘With a magic “light – Finger Tips Magic spoon and many other tricks you can impress everyone like a real superhero

Includes bright fingers, instructions card for the magic tricks, Comic Book, 2 spoons, all different game cards and 2 masks

A perfect starting point for every budding Wizard over 6 years old

Includes download link to the detailed, with every guide

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  • Producent: Marvin's Magic
  • Rok wydania: 10 April 2018
  • NR ISBN: 080-87760134451


‘Want to read about impress your audience with your power? This unique set of magic Marvin includes everything you need which is in use, as the spectators in astonished at, and in the Slayer. Whilst other professional Wizard need to work hard for years to perfect, it will be your art Ages 6 + with with all these very quickly be able to to verwundern and to maintain. With this magic box helps you make this perfect as your own entry level products with magic “Light Finger allows, magic spoons and many other tricks impress everyone like a real superhero. How this works is detailed to hand the detailed, easy to follow and instructions (cannot guarantee instructions are in English), which can be via the supplied download link will receive explains. Come in a Set includes a luminous finger cannot guarantee instructions are in English) cards for the magic tricks, a comic book, Two Spoons, different playing cards and 2 Masks. This means all the small and large Magi can a ultimate party game Herbeizaubern. Good Luck and lots of fun while being, the people with the magic from the inventor, Marvin Berglas to amaze. Marvin’s Magic, the number 1 in the world, when it comes to magic and wizardry.

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