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A hilariously fast paced, fun, family game

Fun, physical and mental workout

Spin the spinner and complete either a mega-tastic physical feat, a mindbending mental puzzle or a tremendous trivia question

There will be roll-around laughter as you battle each other to complete these FUN and EDUCATIONAL challenges

Collect all five unforgettable characters from David Walliams’ best-selling books: Gangsta Granny, Grandpa’s Great Escape, Awful Auntie, Ratburger and Billionaire Boy

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  • Producent: The World Of David Walliams
  • Rok wydania: 20 Jun 2018


A great game for ages 8 to 80. Players need to collect characters from David Williams’ Books by successfully completing either a physical feat or a mental challenge. Educational and fantastically good fun.Once a player has collected all give of the different character cards they continue playing as normal until they have completed one final challenge.Who will be the mega-tactic champion?

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