Barbecue Party – Action and Reflex Game

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The wackiest BBQ Party Ever! Cook and Collect 3 different types of food to win! Be careful as the BBQ can catapult the food into the air at any time! No batteries required! For 2-4 players

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  • Producent: Drumond Park
  • Rok wydania: 28 Mar 2015
  • NR ISBN: 501-9150001732


Barbecue Party: Collect Three Yummy Cards To Win! Barbecue Party Is A Simple Game For Younger Children Which Helps Aid Their Dexterity. Players Take A Card And Either Place The Item Shown On The Grill – Or If It’S Already There, Take It Off And Win That Card. But Be Careful, One False Move And The Rack Will Catapult The Food Into The Air And You Will Need To Start Over! Barbecue Party Is A Game That Jumps! Age 4+ For 2+ Players Batteries Not Required

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