Albert the Handydog – Stew, Shocks, Soap

Darren and Abigail Baker
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Albert the Handydog is no ordinary pug…He isn’t anything like those smooth-coated, lap-sitting, fat-scrunching, face-licking members of his breed; no, he is more of a DIY-ing, bubble-bath-soaking, wild-woolly-coated, helpful handydog.

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  • Author: Darren and Abigail Baker
  • Publishing house: Matador
  • Year of publication: 28 Mar 2014
  • Book binding: hard
  • Book interior: soft
  • Number of pages: 32
  • Book size: 21.2 x 1 x 26.9 cm
  • ISBN No.: 978-1783063550


He lives with the Bunting family on Leaf Lane, and is best friends with their daughter Lily. The story begins with Albert attending a job at the home of Old Major Brandy (a heavily decorated army dog with a penchant for a drop of Whisky!). Albert narrowly avoids serious injury while cleaning the Major’s gutters and cannot wait to get home to his nightly bubble bath soak. However, his sud-soaked dreams of relaxation are dashed when he arrives home to find visitors. Mrs Bunting’s rude, pointy-faced sister is arriving with her husband, they are staying the night on their way to a very important business meeting. Albert tries his best to help make their stay run smoothly – but you see, wherever Albert goes, trouble seems to ensue…Albert the Handydog is a funny and exciting read that will be enjoyed by adults and children alike. The beautifully illustrated Albert and his friends are memorable characters that teach children about the importance of selflessness. This adventurous book would be ideal for children who are fans of iconic childhood characters like Paddington Bear.

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