Early Education Recognition Toy – 4 Pieces Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles – Alphabet / Number / Vehicles / Fruit

Stan: new Książka – bez śladów użytkowania, nie była wcześniej używana/czytana, w rzadkich przypadkach może posiadać bardzo minimalne zarysowania okładki - powstałe w wyniku przechowywania / magazynowania i transportu.

Gry / Puzzle / DVD – fabrycznie nowe w oryginalnym opakowaniu, bez jakichkolwiek śladów użytkowania. W rzadkich przypadkach mogą posiadać bardzo minimalne zarysowania widoczne na opakowaniu, powstałe w wyniku przechowywania / magazynowania i transportu
Czas dostawy: 5 - 10 dni (zobacz warunki dostawy)

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Krótki opis:

Safe for Kids – All pieces are made of Environmental protection and non-toxic paints material,100% real natural wood.
Smooth Edges – All pieces are non-angular and specially designed to prevent children from being injured during use.
Colorful Themes – Cute image board and colorfully Illustrated design helps babies match quickly with pictures and understand the meaning.
Learn about Letters and Words – There are cute patterns around each alphabet puzzle block and corresponding words. Your kids can form a cognition of alphabet and words while having fun.
Preschool Math Enlightenment – The number puzzle can not only be used to teach numbers and shapes, but also simple addition and subtraction with patient guidance of parents.
Common Fruit Recognition – Help kids know more about fruits and their names to form the good habit of eating more fruit.

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The 4-Pack Wooden Puzzle Set by Ucradle not only promote hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills but also can make kids feel a huge sense of accomplishment upon completion of the puzzle.

Material: Wooden
4 Puzzles: letters / numbers + graphics / vehicle / fruit shape
Quantity: 74pcs
Weight: 850g
Size: 30 x 22.5 x 1.5 cm

Package Include:
1 x Alphabet Wooden Puzzle
1 x Number Wooden Puzzle
1 x Fruit Wooden Puzzle
1 x Vehicle Wooden Puzzle

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